1. TCC Portraiture: Image and Identity Exhibition in Arlington, TX

    2022-04-28 14:02:34 UTC
    Happy to be included in this exhibition at TCC Southeast. Thanks to Leah Gose and Penelope Bisbee for including my work among this fine group of artists! Stop by if you are in Arlington. Send me a pic or two!

  2. Back in Texas

    2021-08-19 19:09:16 UTC
    I’m back!  I am excited to announce that I will be starting a new chapter in my home state!  I will be the new Associate Professor of Art | Photography at Temple College. I will also be assuming the role of art gallery director in the Spring. Glad to finally…

  3. VU News Press

    2020-05-24 19:34:10 UTC
    Right Now - The World Needs Art

  4. SPE Annual Conference Presentation

    2020-05-24 19:23:15 UTC
    We Want Our Pictures Back will provide an opportunity for members of SPE who are in recovery to talk about the intersections of our photographic practice and our recovery journeys.  We will address our social activism and the complicated issue of consent when working with persons with substance use disorders.

  5. Arthur Fields: Connections at the Shircliff Gallery of Art

    2020-01-26 18:41:27 UTC
    VINCENNES, IND. – An exhibition featuring the photographic works of Arthur Fields will open January 14 and run through January 31 at Vincennes University’s Shircliff Gallery of Art. The exhibit will include traditional and contemporary methods of self-representation and collecting. Fields will present an artist talk at the closing reception…

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