1. New work presented at The Open Gallery

    2016-07-31 01:53:00 UTC
    Across the Tracks First Friday Gallery Walk The Open Gallery329 Main St. Vincennes, Indiana 8.4 - 9.14.2016  Sat. afternoons and by appointment Opening Reception: 8.5.2016, 5:30-9pm

  2. New work featured at Cedar Valley College in Dallas, TX

    2016-06-08 14:30:00 UTC
    Check out my newest selection of work From Academic to Instagram at the Educational Art Gallery at Cedar Valley College this month. June 10 through July 8 CVC Educational Art Gallery is located in Bldg. E.3030 N. Dallas Ave., Lancaster, TX 75134Gallery Hours 8am - 8pm, Monday - Friday Artist…

  3. Participating in a group show called “Framing Selves”

    2016-03-14 13:17:00 UTC
    Framing Selves | Alex Emmons, Arthur Fields, Anne Leighton Massoni, Libby Rowe and Stafford Smith Framing Selves attempts to highlight the diverse results of incorporating one’s self to the traces of self reflected through a variety of photographic approaches and output media from smart phones to black and white photography…

  4. Panel Presentation at SPE National Conference in Las Vegas

    2016-03-06 20:30:00 UTC
    The Continuing Democratization of Photography: Smart Phone Media Ashley Feagin, Arthur Fields, Crystal McBrayer, and Jennifer Murray (T&L) Saturday, March 12 - 11:00AM to 11:45AM

  5. Strembicki Self-Portrait Blog

    2016-01-14 04:20:00 UTC
    Honored to be a part of history.  I made Professor Stan Strembicki’s self portrait blog today!

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