Participating in Dallas Art Incubator Program

The Cedars Union is delighted to announce the selection of its Fourth Cohort of artists. In early July, these artists will embark on an 18-month journey within The Cedars Union’s innovative and collaborative environment. This group of artists represents a wide array of experience, backgrounds, and media, continuing the union’s commitment to enriching and diversifying Dallas’s art scene. 

Help us welcome Iris Bechtol @irisbechtol , Victoria Brill @victoriajbrill , Dakari Butler @dee.bee.darling , Christian Cruz @christiancruzperformance , Alec DeJesus @youcancallmealec , Arthur Fields @artfields , Lauren Fleniken , Charles Gray @artbycharlesgray , Christina Hahn @whatsgoinghahn , Assandre Jean-Baptiste @hueydynamite , Christopher Sonny Martinez @sonnybunni , Dora Reynosa @byzeneth , Reyna Ramirez @_reynaramirez , Leili Aria Tavallaei @hello.leili , James Eric Thayer Jr., Amy Zapien @cocoatlicue

A huge thank you to our jurists for selecting a cohort that reflects the diversity and range of disciplines within the North Texas arts community. Jurors for Cohort 4: Daisha Board, Jennifer Klos, Joshua Goode, Vivian Li, and Hatziel Flores.

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