Syllabus Photography II (Digital)

Course Catalog Description

Building on the technical skills and creative expression learned in Photography I or Introduction to Audio and Video Production, this course emphasizes individual creative expression and technical skills with a DSLR camera using a digital darkroom. A 35mm DSLR camera is required.

Liberal Education Outcomes met by this course:

  • Engage in articulate expression through critical reading and effective written, oral, and digital communication.
  • Apply critical and creative thinking skills to solve problems.
  • Integrate knowledge and perspectives of different disciplines to answer complex questions.

Course Outcomes

Students who complete this course will:

  • Develop expertise with the operation of the 35mm digital and film cameras.
  • Learn to create a portfolio of artistic work including color and black and white photographs through high-quality, digital printing and presentation techniques.
  • Apply the elements and principles of design in photographic compositions.
  • Present and critique photographic works with competence.
  • Appreciate photographic works of art across both time and cultures.

Photography II

Course Title: Photography II
Credit Hours: 3 
Distribution of Contact Hours:  6 studio hours

INSTRUCTOR: Assistant Prof. Arthur Fields

Course Content

In this course, students will be expected to:·       

  • Participate in 6 contact hours of in-class instruction with the expectation of a minimum of 3hours of coursework outside of class.
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of how to use a DSLR camera.
  • Demonstrate competence in: shooting, color correcting images on a digital platform, high-quality digital printing, creating a cohesive body of work, and understanding light and its applications to color.
  • Implement basic digital-darkroom skills, using digital tools,equipment, and photographic printers.
  • Explore creativity and develop cohesive, conceptual, photographic series through a range of themes, like Documentary and Fabricated Reality.
  •  Implement the elements of visual design, such as composition, space, contrast, and light, in assignments.
  • Apply critical thinking skills in evaluating and interpreting photographic works.
  • Evaluate how their work fits into the context of photographic history.
  • Evaluate the subject of photography and art through class discussions and critiques, oral and written.
  • Apply an understanding of the arts as a vehicle for expression of human and cultural values through creative thinking and problem solving.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses as to what makes a particular image successful in individual photographic works.
  • Use proper/professional presentation techniques.

Course Textand Materials

A.    Recommended Textbook:

  • A Short Course in Digital Photography – Barbara London & Jim Stone – Prentice Hall

B.    RequiredTextbook:

  • The Photograph as Contemporary Art – 2nd(Second) edition by C. Cotton Paperback 

C.   Supplies and Equipment:

  • Camera: 35mm SLR digital camera with adjustableaperture, shutter speed, and focus with a built-in, working light meter. 
  • USB pin drive and/or writable CDs
  • On-line Journal/sketchbook

Course Calendar/Schedule/Assignments

Course Schedule 

Week 1         

  • Discussion: Color Images
  • Inspiration: Studio– Product, Portrait, Food
  • Lecture: Artist Statement & Resume, Social Media and Self Promotion
  • Homework: (5) Color Images


  • Lecture: History of Color Photography
  • Demo: DSLR,Photoshop Basics, & PowerPoint
  • Lab Time / Shooting Time (Bring equipment and materials)
  • STUDIO VISIT / Bartholomew Wedding Photography – 26 N 1st St.
  • Weekly Reading and Writing Assignment Introduction
  • Homework: Resume

Week 3 

  • Lecture: Photoshop Basics
  • Demo: DSLR, Photoshop Basics, & PowerPoint 
  • Social Media Site Set-up
  • LabTime (Bring materials to shoot in studio)
  • Weekly Reading and Writing Assignment Ch1
  • Homework: Basic Photoshop Corrections, Resume

Week 4 

  • Work in Progress: (4) edited images & Journals due for discussion
  • Inspiration: Reframing the Past / Lecture: SMART Goals Worksheet
  • Homework: Digital Contact Sheet& (30) Digital Images Shot for Studio Assignment – Raw
  • Visiting Artist: TBA
  • Demo: Printing a Contact Sheet, Masks & Layers
  • Weekly Reading and Writing Assignment Ch2
  • Homework Due: Contact Sheet

Week 5          

  • Work in Progress: (8) edited images & Journals due for discussion
  • Lab Time
  • Assignment Due: Studio Project
  • Homework Due: Masks & Layers, SMART Goals Worksheet
  • Weekly Reading and Writing Assignment Ch3

Week 6  

  • Lab Time
  • Homework: (1) Example Print
  • Demo: Printing a Final Image / Website Review / Lab Time
  • Weekly Reading and Writing Assignment Ch4
  • Work in Progress: (2) Contact Sheets, (2) Prints, & Journal Due
  • Homework Due: Example Print
  • Weekly Reading and Writing Assignment Ch4

Week 7 

  • Lab Time / Website Building and Review 
  • Demo: Converting to B&W & Collage 
  • Weekly Reading and Writing Assignment Ch5

Week 8 

  • Lab Time
  • Homework Due: Bring in digital images & Converting to B&W and Collage
  • Inspiration: Fabricated Reality
  • Work in Progress: (3) Contact Sheets,(4) Prints, & Journal Due
  • Website Review
  • Weekly Reading and Writing Assignment Ch6

Instructional Methodologies/ Activities/Grading Specifics

Final Grade Percentages:

  • 10%     Attendance and Class Participation
  • 10%     Journals – sketchbook containing notes,ideas, images, inspiration, etc.
  • 20%     Weekly Reading and Writing Assignments
  • 60%     Photography Assignments – these may include Studio, Documentary, Human Subject, Re-Framing the Past, Fabricated Reality

Week 9 

  • Lab Time         
  • Assignment Due: Re-Framing the Past / Critique
  • Homework Due: Adobe Lightroom, Collage & SMART Goals Worksheet Due
  • Weekly Reading and Writing Assignment Ch7

Week 10  

  • Field Trip / Pictura Art Gallery & IU Art Museum, Bloomington
  • Demo: Digital Negatives / Lab Time
  • Weekly Reading and Writing Assignment Ch8

Week 11        

  • Demo: Matting & Artist Portfolio
  • Homework Due: Website Mockup

Week 12 

  • Lecture: Self Promotion 
  • Lab Time
  • Work in Progress: (2) Contact Sheets, (3) Prints, & Journal Due
  • Homework Due: Elevator Speech

Week 13 

  • Lab Time
  • Homework Due: Online Portfolio  and Presence

Week 14          

  • Portfolio Presentations

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